All Four Courses Curated Into One Evolutionary Program

The Reset: ReMind & ReDesign, a self-paced program (suggested 12-week experience). I designed the Reset as a comprehensive & integrative program for instigating meaningful, lasting & noticeable change within 12 weeks or less. This approach will forever change the way you experience your home & the influential role your home plays in specific areas of your life and overall well-being.

The NSL Holistic Design Certification Program

Would you like to help others understand how their home influences what's showing up in their life and how they may curate their home to support, encourage & accelerate those things they most desire? Each of us holds the ability to enjoy a more empowered & inspired life by simply incorporating what we want into the interior space of our home and subconscious. Become part of the ground-breaking field of NeuroSpatial Linguistics & Holistic Design.