The Architecture of Change

We make a conscious decision to change, yet our subconscious influences the majority of our choices. Once we understand the architecture & motivations of the subconscious we become empowered to create the lasting changes we desire. Our home plays an enormous role in instigating change, from the inside out.

  • Self Design

    Clarify your values, desires & intentions to establish your self-designed internal program. Decode the outdated recordings, then set the new internal programs.

  • Neuroplasticity

    Understand the structure & operating system of the subconscious mind. Move beyond the obstacles with daily tools for mental retuning

  • Epigenetics

    Understand the language of home & how to make it work for you. Align the mind & the interior of your home with your intentions, desires & values.

We begin by recognising, WE are our own inner guru

All the wisdom we need we carry within, it's just a matter of remembering... & making space for what wants to shine through.

Our home offers a map guiding us to the life we most desire, showing us where we're struggling & how to evolve beyond the obstacles along our unique heroic that we may enjoy the life we were born to experience.

Next, we acknowledge our two homes...

the space of our mind & the place we call "home".

  • Our Two Homes

    Our "outer" home holds the story of our life, reflecting back to us who we are, where we've journeyed & the adventure before us. Our outer home keeps us safe, supports our lifestyle & encourages our deeper aspirations. Our "inner" home is our primary residence & our overall well-being depends on the quality of our inner landscape.

  • The Language of Home

    Our two homes communicate a common language & we are under the influence of this language, subject to whatever it speaks, whether we realize it or not. Our job is to tune both our homes (in unison) to communicate the messages we most need to hear, while aligning them with our desires, intentions & values.

  • The Mind in Design

    When we incorporate our deeper desires into the canvas of our home, we engage a hidden potential for accelerating our ideals to life. We curate a space designed to address the erroneous and counterproductive subconscious patterns into those more aligned with our intentions and values. Here we play with the Duality of Interior Design.

We begin the process: The Life+Design Method™

In order to design desired outcomes, we approach both our inner & outer home in unison using the Life+Design Method™.

  • Identify

    What do you want? How can we attain what we want if we don't know what "that" is? We're exponentially more likely to achieve our intentions once we identify (in visceral terms) what we desire. This is the beginning of every adventure!

  • Address

    Once we identify what we want, we address the obstacles getting in our way. We must look at both the internal obstacles held within our mind & the external obstacles in our life & home.

  • Align

    When our mind & our home communicate our intentions, values & desires, our life is set on a trajectory of our choosing...we know where we're going, we've cleared the obstacles & our internal & external environments support our vision. Forward Ho!

How do we translate the Language of Home?

NeuroSpatial Linguistics offers entirely new approach to human flourishing...based in design, epigenetics, neuroplasticity & the soul. We offer an unprecedented, results-oriented approach for making the subconscious conscious while engaging the hidden potential our home holds for empowering the life we desire.

  • Epigenetics, neuroplasticity, desire & design offer a portal for personal evolving

  • Curate your home to align your subconscious with your intentions, desires & values

  • Translate the language of home

  • Redirect the chatter of your mind by enlisting the interior space of your subconscious AND your home

  • Recognize & address the 8 types of obstacles & life clutter blocking us from our intentions

  • Unravel the self sabotage cycle once and for all

  • Decode & reprogram the outdated algorithms of the subconscious

  • Make the subconscious conscious

  • Use survival mode as an opportunity for accelerating thriving & personal transcendence

  • Tune your home to engage & encourage your "ideal" life

The Science Behind Desired Change

Most people don't realise our subconscious mind determines how we feel, behave & perceive, making it one of the most powerful aspects of our life. How our subconscious mind interprets our environment into meaning impacts our peace of mind & overall well-being. Yet how are we supposed to change our subconscious when it's not conscious? Let's break this down, the subconscious mind interprets information from our physical environment so we can survive...think smelling smoke alerts the subconscious of fire which means danger. With Holistic Design, we use the interior space of our home to access the deeper layers of the mind holding us back from what we most desire. , so we may curate a physical environment which better supports both your outer life & inner world. When you change your mindset, you change your life. I've created an approach which shows you how to align your home & subconscious with your values, intentions & desires. Our approach to human flourishing is based in epigenetics, neuroplasticity and our own philosophy of holistic design centered around desire & the soul.

  • Self Mastery

    Clarify your values, desires & intentions, decode the erroneous & outdated core beliefs sabotaging your good intentions, gain effective tools for evolving beyond the obstacles so you feel good regardless of what life delivers, seeding the mind with accurate & beneficial beliefs aligned with who you really are.

  • Perception

    How we translate our world into meaning determines the quality of our life, yet how we learned to translate that meaning was determined during our early developmental years by parents, caregivers, teachers & society at large. The good we translate meaning is malleable! The lens through which we experience our world is our perception. When our perception changes, everything changes. When we understand the architecture & operating system of the conscious & subconscious mind we become more adept at recognising the inner dialogue that's erroneous & ultimately blocking us from what we most desire.

  • Epigenetics

    Our environment informs our outcomes, so we want to curate a home environment which reflects the vision we hold for our life. Understanding the language of home & how it's informing our outcomes is key to creating the change we desire. It's totally possible to curate an environment that supports, encourages & accelerates the life you want to enjoy and without spending a dime.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life & you will call it fate. ~Carl Jung

Change the 95%

Did you know we have 50,000-75,000 thoughts every day & 95% of those thoughts occur deep in the subconscious mind.

Would you like a simple, effective method for shifting the incessant inner chatter & thought patterns, especially in times of heightened stress, like survival mode? The Reset Program shows how to move beyond the mental obstacles inhibiting our overall well-being. When we address the internal obstacles of the mind, we clear the way for moving toward the experiences we desire. One of the most significant factors for flourishing is our mental well-being. But here’s the thing, our mind is in an interconnected and symbiotic relationship with our physical environment. The environment of our home informs & impacts our mental patterns, further imprinting them through the habitual daily routines which happen at home. So in order to move beyond the internal obstacles of the mind, it’s extremely beneficial to incorporate and work in unison with the space of our home.

DesignMom: Living with Kids

Learn more about Kimberly's personal she's navigating the wilderness of being human through divorce, co-parenting & near home-lessness.


Founder Kimberly Garner

Kimberly Kimberly Garner is a design curator, writer, philosopher and the founder of School of Holistic Design & the Life+Design Method, a results-oriented and integrative approach to home & human flourishing. Pioneering the field of NeuroSpatial Linguistics, her focus points to the duality of interior design; the human experience within the inner environment of the mind & the interior environment of home. An alchemy occurs when the interior environment of home and the internal environment of the mind are addressed in unison with our desires. What unfolds is transformational. Kimberly’s mission, to help people accelerate their version of an ideal life by tuning the interior space of their home and subconscious mind with their intentions. Epigenetics and neuroplasticity play a large role in her method and precisely why it’s so effective. We are truly products of our environment and our environment informs so much of our life. Kimberly's spent over 25 years studying, researching and practicing the intersection of design, science and the soul. Inspired by the complementary fields of epigenetics, neuroscience, behavioral science, positive psychology, life coaching, human ecology and design she created Holistic ID, the School of Holistic Design and the Life+Design Method. Learning what inspires others and what gets them excited about who they are is her driving passion. Kimberly’s expertise lies in translating the language shared between the mind and architectural spaces. She consults with clients using home as a platform for change, also with clients, designers & architects during the design phase of building or remodeling. Between writing, teaching and consulting, she spends her time running in the forest, swimming in the sea and living off the grid with her two children, dog, two goats and ten chickens.

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