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NeuroSpatial Linguistics: How we adapt our environment to encourage the experiences & outcomes we desire

  • Our Two Homes

    Our "outer" home holds the story of our life, reflecting back to us who we are, where we've journeyed & the adventure before us. Our outer home keeps us safe, supports our lifestyle & encourages our deeper aspirations. Our "inner" home, our mind, is our primary residence & our overall well-being depends on the quality of this inner landscape.

  • The Language of Home

    Our two homes communicate a common language & we are under the influence of this language, subject to whatever it speaks, whether we realize it or not. Our job is to tune both our homes (in unison) to communicate the messages we most need to hear, while aligning them with our desires, intentions & values.

  • The Mind in Design

    When we incorporate our deeper desires & values into the canvas of our home, we engage a hidden potential for accelerating our ideals to life. We curate a space designed to support & encourage subconscious patterns more aligned with our intentions and values. This is NeuroSpatial Linguistics.

The Hidden Power of Our Home

Did you know we can shift our life in meaningful, lasting ways by simply using our home as a canvas for beneficial change?

  • Optimal Well-Being

    A meaningful, passion-filled life begins with knowing our deeper values & desires. When we identify what we want, we're exponentially more likely to experience it.

  • Neuroplasticity

    Understanding the structure & operating system of the subconscious mind empowers us to move beyond the inner obstacles of perception, self perception & erroneous core beliefs.

  • Epigenetics

    Understanding the relationship & common language shared between our environment & our mind allows us to adapt our home so it better supports our life, mind & desired experiences & outcomes.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. ~Carl Jung

The Mind in Design

Pioneering NeuroSpatial Linguistics™

Our mind is in an interconnected and symbiotic relationship with our physical environment, making our home a fertile opportunity for accessing the subconscious and shifting our thoughts into alignment with our desires, values and intentions. Holistic+Design approaches change with an understanding of the influence our environment holds over our life while utilizing this relationship to curate beneficial and supportive outcomes. The environment of our home informs & impacts our mental patterns, hardwiring them throughout our habitual daily routines. In order to move beyond the obstacles of the mind, it’s extremely beneficial to incorporate the potency our home environment offers.

Human Ecology | Epigenetics | Our Home

We share an interconnected relationship with our environment, which informs our experience, circumstances & the outcomes of our life...making our home one of the most significant opportunities of our life

Our home is our primary environment and plays an enormous role in our experience of being human. Our home influences our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and energy, impacting us on cellular, neurological, physiological, psychological and energetic levels.

Depth Design | Personal Evolution | Consciousness

Our Inner & Outer Ecology

As we evolve, we want our home evolving with us, encouraging us ever further. Our home perpetuates the habitual patterns and cycles showing up within our life and within our mind. Our job is to ensure the environment of our home supports (and does not sabotage) our good intentions.

Our home acts as our living vision board

Our home reflects the story of our life, while each room whispers a narrative for specific aspects of our mind. When we surround ourself with belongings which echo what we love about our self and being human, we flourish. We want to make certain our home inspires those deeper ideals and passions.

Our home holds the liminal space between our outer life & inner world, acting as the intermediary between where we are and who we're becoming. Ideally, our home provides the optimal environment for our personal potential & dreams.

The Architecture of Change

Our home plays an enormous role in instigating change, helping us move beyond survival mode & self sabotage.

If we desire any level of change, we want to make certain our home echoes those ideals. I offer a different approach to design that’s less about how it looks, more about how it feels & everything to do with what it inspires to life from within you.

The Life+Design Method:

A Formula for Desired Change Based in Science & Soul

  • Step 1: Identify

    What do you want? How can we enjoy what we want if we don't know what "that" is? We're exponentially more likely to achieve our intentions once we identify (in visceral terms) what we desire.

  • Step 2: Address

    Once we identify what we want, we address the obstacles getting in our way. We must look at both the internal obstacles held within our mind & the external obstacles in our life & home.

  • Step 3: Align

    When our mind & our home communicate our intentions, values & desires, our life flows with greater ease & enjoyment...our internal & external environments support our vision.

Extraordinary Testimonials!

Discover what our students are saying...

My expectation have definitely been exceeded in every way!

Nehad H.

I felt intuitively guided to enroll in the Mental Reset & Certification. What followed was an incredible journey of self-discovery which led to significant improvements in my well-being, relationships, and work. The holistic approach to the program allowed me to delve deep into the areas of my life (and home) that I had been neglecting. The most powerful part of the course for me was the subtle reprogramming that unfolded as I began to understand the language of my home and my relationship to my environment. I am so grateful for the insight and tools I have gained. It was an enlightening experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to expand into a new level of consciousness.

Life Changing!

Maria S.

A very hands-on, thought-provoking, deep-digging, life-changing course.

I now have the tools to fulfill my heart's deepest desires and create the sanctuary my home is meant to be!

Paisley B.

The Mental Reset Course was just what I needed! I was surprised at how making small intentional changes in the different areas of our homes had such a powerful impact! I saw the results immediately. The thing I enjoyed the most about Mental Reset is how working these ideas can transform anyone anywhere! I am really thankful I took the Mental Reset course with Kimberly. The tools & lessons I received have changed the way I look at my life and home and my thoughts about my life and home forever. A 10/10 for sure! I definitely recommend exploring Kimberly's work at the Holistic School of Design as it has been life changing!

Rest of your life...starts here! It's a Great and Magical Journey!

Chantal O.

The Mental Reset is so enlightening and gives movement where it is needed. In yourself and in your house, it’s a kind of treasure hunting. The Mental Reset is still very much present in my life. I still love the experience and the information, it gives so much inside information of myself. Still in love (with the course) and you're a great priestess. You keep me moving, focused, inspired and loving myself more and more. Thank you. Give yourself a great and magical journey, do the Mental Reset! Re-create your life as who you are now and who you want to be!

Absolutely loved the mental reset, has felt like an investment asset to life, game changer in perspective that will keep evolving with time into better beliefs, mindsets, habits, relationships and home!

Vicki C.

I didn't really know much about this course or Kimberly; it was recommended by a friend. I've never even been much of a homely person, preferring more to be a nomadic traveler, sailor. However when reading the course content re: epigenetics, neuroscience, self sabotage, conscious, subconscious, it struck a cord and a deep feeling of knowing I need to do this arose. On the home front, I came to learn my external reflects my values, intentions, desires for life, with my place leaving me feeling rather scattered, neglected, in survival mode. Now I'm feeling a lot more at ease, I enjoy each space so much more now, like they represent a warm, welcoming, nurturing, inspiring place to be, welcome others in, yet still encourage that nomadic desire. Learning the subconscious stuff has been massively valuable as were the different areas of clutter in finances, relationships, mental etc Kimberly has some great metaphors, exercises, poems, stories that help relate the topics and bypass the subconscious aiding in getting to the truth of the matter: those niggly little beliefs that can easily ensnare us into funky habits that don't fully support us. This is what should be taught in high schools!

Ohh lala this course was amazing!

Fi D.

Ohh lala this course was amazing! It showed me in what little ways we unconsciously create unnecessary obstacles in our external lives & how it keeps the mental clutter alive. The Mental/Vitality clutter blew my mind in terms of self sabotaging, made so much sense . I'm absolutely loving the wisdom transmissions from Kimberly.

I have never felt more aligned!

Kayla V.

The information is so profound to receive and the flow has been really nicely building with so much to internalize and lots of opportunities to externalized the concepts and create shifts and deeper meaning to each space. I can’t wait until it slows through me in a second nature way. Thank you for taking the time to put all of this together, to support the timing and process for each of us and for bringing this work to the world in your very powerful unique way.

Truly a remarkable course!

Geralyn B.

I loved this course so much! It came into my life at the perfect time as I am embarking on a healing journey as well as starting my own business. So much food for thought and reflecting that happened these last few weeks. I loved how it allowed me to take a deep dive into the spaces in my home as well as allowing me to hold up a mirror to myself. The Mental Reset has taught me so much and validated so many of my own thoughts and feelings about design and our home. It was truly a remarkable course!

The first time in a long time that I felt inspired in a course.

Christine M.

This is the course I've been waiting for; one that connects my wellness with my space. I love how Kimberly incorporates the science of subconscious behavior and techniques to optimize the design of our spaces with our desires. It's got a geeky aspect to design that I've been craving-- in that proving that intentionally design homes get results in how we experience our daily lives. This course is more than basic elements of good design. It has heart and soul. It encourages self exploration on all counts of life: health, abundance, relationships, career, joy...and applies what's discovered to reflecting what we want to shift or draw forward into our lives via the plane of our homes. The world is asking for more wellness, for a slow down, for connection, and for growth. Kimberly's course offers us tools to get there by recognizing how our environments are extensions of our selves. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is curious to shift and enhance their lives in a compelling way.

NeuroSpatial Linguistics: Changing the future of design & human flourishing...

An unprecedented results-oriented method for making the subconscious conscious while engaging the hidden potential our home holds for empowering personal potential & higher consciousness.

  • Learn how epigenetics, neuroplasticity, desire & design offer a portal for personal evolving

  • Curate your home to align your subconscious with your intentions, desires & values

  • Discover the language of your home

  • Learn how to redirect the chatter of your mind by enlisting the interior space of your subconscious AND your home

  • Recognize & address the 8 types of obstacles & life clutter blocking us from our intentions

  • Unravel the self sabotage cycle once and for all

  • Decode & reprogram the outdated algorithms of the subconscious

  • Make the subconscious conscious

  • Use survival mode as an opportunity for accelerating thriving & personal transcendence

  • Tune your home to engage & encourage your "ideal" life

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