Are you looking to…

  • Join a supportive community that's committed to personal flourishing and celebrates your success?

  • Curate your life on your terms?

  • Enjoy your life on a regular basis AND LOVE THE RESULTS you're actively creating?

  • Gain confidence in your ability to navigate life regardless of the circumstances?

  • Understand the subconscious mind & the root cause behind what's blocking you from your desires?

  • Make a commitment to yourself & grow into the parts of life you've always envisioned?

  • Put epigenetics & neuroscience to work in your life?

  • Engage your home in a way that propels your dreams?

  • Make some overdue & much desired shifts in your life?

  • Change your routines & habits to make room for your desires?

What will you do with your one wild & precious life?

~Mary Oliver

Tell me more...

Here's a little glimpse of what you'll receive as part of the Inner Sanctuary

  • Weekly Program

    Each Sunday you'll receive a guide for the upcoming week. We'll focus on evolving topics as we layer the fundamentals from the inside out (mind & home). The guide includes a checklist for the week, inspiration, contemplation & self inquiry, as well as invitation to join our ongoing group discussion board.

  • Community for Evolving Together

    This is a truly lovely community of likeminded individuals on the path of personal evolving, aligning home & the subconscious with our deeper desire. Receive access to our private Telegram group where we share our experience, ongoing conversations, as well as a place to ask questions.

  • Gathering & Discussion Group

    Live group chat dedicated to evolving topics for Home, Self & Soul. Here we share, discuss & unpack meaningful insights with effective tools and perspectives. These conversations are full of empowering information for how our awareness of our outer home & inner world engage and accelerate whatever we desire. A community favorite for growing connection, greater meaning and support.

Become a Founding Member

(p.s. you'll also be locking in the promotional rate for the life of your membership!!)

Be one of the pioneering members from day one & enjoy this innovative & intimate community on the leading edge of home & the subconscious mind, epigenetics & neuroplasticity! Wholly focused on making this world a better place through engaging & accelerating our vision of an ideal life...when we flourish, we make the world a better place for others to flourish. Your presence will play an instrumental role in how this community feels, unfolds & the direction we take. Become an instrumental part of our intimate gathering of fellow souls from day one!

Let's Gather & Evolve Together!

...tuning the layers of life, the subconscious & our home with our values, intentions & desires. Accelerate your vision of an ideal life with likeminded souls from around the globe.

What is the Inner Sanctuary?

A Place for Evolving Together

The Inner Sanctuary offers a community of supportive, likeminded individuals from around the world actively creating their unique version of an ideal life by engaging the power of the subconscious mind in unison with home. Members receive a weekly program guide, access to private Telegram group with ongoing community discussions, plus a sneak peek to upcoming material & events, plus a special surprise from Kimberly. The Inner Sanctuary offers safe & supportive space for us to learn and grow while supporting others on their personal adventures. Here we are all beginners & we are all experts. More than ever we need community which embodies overall well-being, love & belonging & personal flourishing. Let's gather & evolve together, tuning the layers of life, the subconscious & our home to our ideal life.

What to Expect...

When You Join The Inner Sanctuary membership

  • What happens once I subscribe?

    You'll receive an email welcome with specific details & a link to our community.

  • If I want to join with a friend, what's the easiest way to describe the community?

    This is like book club, but better! We're evolving together, at our own pace, with our own unique goals AND we're doing it using science & soul, home & the subconscious. Consider it a guided & supported "be your own inner guru" community as we navigate the wilderness of being human.

  • What are three takeaways I can expect from participating in the community??

    1. Ongoing supportive community 2. Effective skills, neurohacks & lifehacks for aligning your subconscious & your home with your desired outcomes. 3. Weekly program designed to inspire & empower your natural evolving.

  • What's included with the subscription?

    You'll receive your weekly program guide, be invited to join our private Telegram Group for ongoing conversation, inspiration & helpful information and access to live sessions with Q & A (which will be recorded & posted on our group page).

  • I need simple. Tell me specifically what I need to do.

    Once you enroll, everything you need will be accessible through your student dashboard. This includes course material, discussion board & other resources.