The Language of Home

Did you know each room in your home communicates information about specific areas of your life?

If you feel any level of dissatisfaction with ANY area of your life, your home can help. Blueprint for a Self Designed Life shares the hidden power your home holds, while guiding you room by room, translating the language it communicates. Experience the transformative influence of home as specific areas of your life move into greater alignment with what you desire.

Can You Imagine...

Living in a space that inspires & empowers what you most love about yourself and your life

  • Your Living Vision Board

    Curating your home as your living vision board, so it inspires and empowers the life you’ve imagined for yourself

  • Your Co-Creative Agent

    Knowing how to adapt your home so it helps you intentionally manifest the experiences you want to enjoy, while also empowering you to confidently navigate the obstacles showing up along the way

  • Your Sanctuary

    Waking up each day & going to bed every evening with a smile on your face and ease in your heart because you’ve tapped into the potential your home+mind hold for creating a life you’re thrilled to call your own

Are You SO Ready To...

  • Catapult your life into the direction of your deeper desires using your home as a catalyst for meaningful & lasting change

  • Witness how making specific adjustments in your home beneficially influences correlating areas of your life

  • Make your desires, intentions and values a priority and driving force in your life, by simply using the space of your home

  • Discover how your home can empower you in becoming the master of your mind & curator of your life

  • Cultivate your home & subconscious in a way that supports sustained peace, ease and enthusiasm...regardless of the circumstances

  • Curate your home as your 3D living vision board, summoning your "ideal" life

  • Work with the space of your home so it aligns with the life you're delighted to call your own

Are You SO DONE with...

  • Home feeling like an obstacle getting in the way of what you want & ready to love how your home actively engages your dreams

  • The deafening & self defeating chatter of your mind & ready to cultivate a home which nourishes the inner landscape of your mind

  • Feeling uninspired or disempowered by your life & ready to reclaim your innate sense of enthusiasm & passion using your home as your guide

  • Being tired of being tired of the same perpetual cycles & dynamics showing up & ready to instigate self devoted change

The Role of Design in Well-Being

When you shift the interior space of your home in specific ways, you beneficially influence your life with both immediate and longterm results

  • Intentional Design

    Clarify your values, desires & intentions

  • Neuroplasticity

    Optimize your space to help redirect the inner chatter

  • Epigenetics

    Adapt your space to support & encourage the experiences you want

What's Inside?

Depending on your pace, you may complete the program in as little as 3 hours

    1. Welcome To Blueprint for a Self Designed Life!

    2. Welcome to Blueprint for a Self Designed Life (8 minutes)

    3. Welcome & Introduction Lesson Overview

    4. Your Life+Design Wheel (1 minute)

    5. The Life+Design Wheel

    6. Kimberly explains Your Life+Design Wheel

    7. Journal Entry: The Wheel & Home Exploration (6 minutes)

    8. Home Exploration: Toxic Clutter (2 minutes)

    1. Blueprint Two Homes Remastered

    2. Lesson Two Overview

    3. Journal Entry: Two Homes (1 minute)

    1. Change & the Subconscious (6 minutes)

    2. Change & the Subconscious Overview

    3. Ask Yourself...

    1. 8 Types of Clutter (9 minutes)

    2. Essential Clutter Cheat Sheet

    3. Lesson Three Overview & Exercise

    1. The Home-Life Connection (6 minutes)

    2. The Home Life Connection Overview

    1. Let's Begin Part Two Of Our Course

    2. Your Entry (14 minutes)

    3. The Entry Overview

    4. The Entry: Ask Yourself...Write & Answer these questions in your personal journal

About this course

  • $360.00
  • 39 lessons

Blueprint for a Self Designed Life is about...

Identifying what you desire, then tapping into the power your home holds for bringing that vision to life.

Experience what happens when your home becomes aligned with your intentions & values!

What to expect:

Are you ready to discover how your home impacts specific areas of your life and how it acts as a co-creative agent for the life you want to enjoy?!

  • Your home offers a fascinating opportunity for real change, the kind of change that makes you excited to get out of bed each morning

  • Discover the tools for making dynamic and lasting change by simply utilizing the space of your home

  • Blueprint for a Self-Designed Life is for anyone ready for any level of supportive change

  • Crafted for you to enjoy at your own pace in the comfort of your home

  • The latent power of your home awaits

  • By the end of this course, you will forever see home through new eyes

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, 

it will direct your life & you will call it fate."

~Carl Jung 

There's more!

  • Our home has something to tell us about our life, but only if we're willing to listen

  • Once we understand the significance our home plays in our life, we open the doorway to an entirely new potential

  • Our home offers a fertile opportunity to shift any area of our life into the direction of our desires and intentions

  • Learn, room by room, how your home impacts specific areas of your life & how to curate your space to encourage your ideals

  • Gain the tools you need for bringing about real, lasting and desired change