Those who travel 

beyond the obstacles 

will know a different life

 from that point on.


Navigating What Life Throws Our Way...

& moving beyond the obstacles

As long as we are human beings living in a physical world, we face ongoing demands & setbacks. Anything getting between us & the life we want to experience is "clutter". Being skilled at identifying & addressing the clutter in our world exponentially helps us move closer to the life we want.
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Clutter is ANYTHING getting between you & the life you desire.

Clutter is more than the physical piles & unnecessary items throughout your home. Clutter is ANYTHING in your life which blocks you from your values, intentions & desires. So the question is...are you ready to clear the obstacles blocking you from the life you were born to experience? Are you ready to:

  • take an honest look into what's blocking you from the life you want to enjoy

  • understand the interconnection between what's showing up in your life & your clutter

  • discover how clutter shows up & what it's trying to tell you

  • discover the gift & opportunity clutter holds for your life

  • identify toxic clutter & get rid of it FOREVER

  • notice the chatter of clutter before it hijacks you

  • move beyond all forms of clutter with lifelong skills & navigation tools

  • be self-ish by dedicating space for awareness, curiosity & intentions for YOU & addressing what's overdue in order to enjoy the life you want

Moving Beyond Physical Clutter...

If it doesn't support the life you desire, it's clutter.

  • Desire & Discomfort

    Our clutter & the obstacles we face, no matter how great or small, offer us a gift & huge opportunity for moving closer to the life we desire. Knowing what we want AND knowing what we don't want plays a pivotal role in moving beyond our obstacles.

  • The 3 Categories of Clutter & Subgroups

    Physical, Mental & Emotional Clutter: All our obstacles fit into one of these primary categories with several subcategories influencing every aspect of our life.

  • Clear the Path

    Once we address the obstacles showing up in our internal & external experience, we move with greater ease toward the life we desire. Often our discomfort (aka obstacles & clutter) presents us with direct access to our "ideal" life, it's how we perceive it & work with it that's the difference maker.

Address the Obstacles, Remove the Clutter

"You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success - or are they holding you back?" ~W. Clement Stone

The Life Design Method

  • Identify

    What do you want? How can we attain what we want if we don't know what "that" is? We're exponentially more likely to achieve our intentions once we identify (in visceral terms) what we desire. This is the beginning of every adventure!

  • Address

    Once we identify what we want, we address the obstacles getting in our way. We must look at both the internal obstacles held within our mind & the external obstacles in our life & home.

  • Align

    When our mind & our home communicate our intentions, values & desires, our life is set on a trajectory of our choosing...we know where we're going, we've cleared the obstacles & our internal & external environments support our vision. Forward Ho!