The Language of Home

We are under the influence of whatever our home communicates, whether we realise it or not.

Once we understand the language our home communicates with our subconscious mind, we forever experience home through new eyes. During this hour long call we'll look at what's showing up in your life and the opportunities your home holds for desired change.

Is a Design+Catalyst Express Session for me?

Are you interested in learning more about NeuroSpatial Linguistics and Holistic+Design? Would you like to work with Kimberly, yet want to learn more about the process before you explore her more personalised offerings? Here are some great questions to determine if this option is right for you...

  • Are you curious about how your home might be impacting specific areas of your life?

  • Are you pretty adept with design and just want to pick Kimberly's brain about NeuroSpatial Linguistics?

  • Are you concerned your home might be adversely influencing your health, relationships, peace of mind or overall well-being?

  • Are you in the midst of a life transition and want your space to better support, inspire and empower this significant time?

  • Are you a creative feeling stuck or needing a breakthrough?

  • Are you tired of your space or feel it no longer reflects who you've become?

  • Are you a DIYer and just want a few good pointers?

How does the Design+Catalyst Express work?

  • Book the Call

    Once you've decided to schedule your Design+Catalyst Express call with Kimberly, click the link at the top of this page to schedule our time.

  • We Connect

    We will spend up to 60 minutes going over as many topics as you like. Kimberly will offer as much information as possible to help you with your space and address your questions.

  • See What Unfolds

    You will very likely experience your home through new eyes, as your conversation with Kimberly will open up how you perceive your space. Your life will likely shift in unexpected and beneficial ways.