The Life+Design Starter Kit

Change begins with identifying what we want. By defining our values, intentions and desires, in visceral terms, we effortlessly move closer to our version of an ideal life. The Life+Design Starter Kit completes step one of the Life+Design Method and sets you on the trajectory of your choosing, preparing you for the next steps in aligning your home and mindset with your desires.

    1. Welcome to Your Life+Design Kit! (2 minutes)

    1. Your Life+Design Wheel (1 minute)

    2. Important Updated Information

    3. Kimberly presents the Life+Design Wheel Workbook ( 21 minutes )

    4. Your Life+Design Wheel Workbook (PDF version)

    5. The Life + Design Wheel PDF (whenever you need a copy of the wheel)

    6. Get Curious About Your Wheel (1 minute)

    7. Contemplation & Self Inquiry

    1. Desire: Why Our Life Depends On It (Naked Files Podcast- 17 minutes)

    2. The Power of Desire (Mantra Magazine Article)

    3. Power of Desire

    4. Letter to My 20 Year Old Self

    1. The Significance of Your Imagination: If you can dream it, it's within reach! (1 minute)

    2. Your 3 Wishes!

    3. Contemplation & Journal Entry Questions: Fairy Godmother & Your 3 Wishes

    1. Identifying Our Driving Values (3 minutes)

    2. Core Values: The Hidden Gem Behind All Of Our Desires (2 minutes)

    3. List of Values (Slide PDF)

    4. Personal Values & Wheel Exercise Example( 1 minute)

    5. Personal Values & Wheel Exercise Example PDF

    6. Create a Value String (5 minutes)

    7. Create a Value String (Slide PDF)

    8. My Shameless Plug: What's Next? (13 minutes)

    9. Make Your Core Value String (4 minutes)

    10. Make Your Core Value String (Slide PDF)

    1. What's Next? (PDF)

    2. A Taste of the Reset with Kimberly (8 minutes)

    3. Before you proceed to the The Reset or The User's Guide to the Subconscious Mind...would you be willing to answer a few questions so I might improve student experience? I promise it's short! : )

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