Do You Need A Mental Reset?

The ReMind & ReDesign program offers a 12 week unprecedented holistic and results-oriented method for reprogramming the subconscious mind while engaging the hidden potential our home holds for empowering the life we desire.  Discover the language your home communicates with your subconscious mind with Kimberly Garner, founder of the School of Holistic Design® & pioneer of NeuroSpatial Linguistics™.

  • Are you ready to learn how to reprogram the chatter of your mind by enlisting the interior space of your home AND your subconscious?

  • Is the constant grip of your mind making peace of mind challenging or impossible?

  • Is your mindset and thought process keeping you from enjoying the life you want? 

  • Are you ready to make your home support you in new & profound ways?

  • Are you consistently getting stuck in uncomfortable thought patterns & overly focused on what you don’t want?

  • Are you tired of sabotaging your own intentions?

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5 star rating

Transformational course!

Christine Martin

This is the course I've been waiting for; one that connects my wellness with my space. I love how Kimberly incorporates the science of subconscious behavior ...

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This is the course I've been waiting for; one that connects my wellness with my space. I love how Kimberly incorporates the science of subconscious behavior and techniques to optimize the design of our spaces with our desires. It's got a geeky aspect to design that I've been craving-- in that proving that intentionally design homes get results in how we experience our daily lives. This course is more than basic elements of good design. It has heart and soul. It encourages self exploration on all counts of life: health, abundance, relationships, career, joy...and applies what's discovered to reflecting what we want to shift or draw forward into our lives via the plane of our homes. The world is asking for more wellness, for a slow down, for connection, and for growth. Kimberly's course offers us tools to get there by recognizing how our environments are extensions of our selves. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is curious to shift and enhance their lives in a compelling way.

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5 star rating

Life Changing

Paisley Brandolini

The Mental Reset Course was just what I needed! I now have the tools to fulfill my heart's deepest desires and create the sanctuary my home is meant to be!

The Mental Reset Course was just what I needed! I now have the tools to fulfill my heart's deepest desires and create the sanctuary my home is meant to be!

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5 star rating

Rest of your life...starts here!

Chantal olde Hanhof

It's a Great and Magical Journey! I am so grateful for what I 'already' have received, the great insights, the great presents to re-create and re-design my ...

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It's a Great and Magical Journey! I am so grateful for what I 'already' have received, the great insights, the great presents to re-create and re-design my life!

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5 star rating

The wheel gets your head spinning

Maria Stenlund

A very hands-on, thought-provoking, deep-digging, life-changing course.

A very hands-on, thought-provoking, deep-digging, life-changing course.

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, 

it will direct your life & you will call it fate."

~Carl Jung 


4 Master Courses in ONE Program!

  • Life+Design Master Course: Identify What You Want

    What do you want? How can we attain what we want if we don't know what "that" is? We're exponentially more likely to achieve our intentions once we identify (in visceral terms) what we desire. This is the beginning of every adventure!

  • User's Guide to the Subconscious Mind & Life Clutter Master Courses

    Once we identify what we want, we address the obstacles getting in our way. We must look at both the internal obstacles held within our mind & the external obstacles in our life & home.

  • Blueprint for a Self-Designed Life Master Course

    When our mind & our home communicate our intentions, values & desires, our life is set on a trajectory of our choosing...we know where we're going, we've cleared the obstacles & our internal & external environments support our vision. Forward Ho!

Engage the innate potential of your Home & Subconscious Mind and you set into motion the life that you were born to experience!

Treat yourSelf to this unprecedented, results-oriented approach to personal flourishing with other likeminded humans from around the planet. Are you ready for a guided exploration of your home & subconscious while sharing experiences with others in an intimate & inspiring community guided by Kimberly? Our primary focus for 12 weeks will be on YOU & redesigning your life on your own terms. Make the investment in yourSelf, your home, your mind & your life...see what unfolds.

  • Create your own Blueprint for a Self-Designed Life

  • Learn how Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, Design & Desire offer a portal for your "ideal" life

  • Translate the Language of Home to engage & accelerate what you want & how you want to FEEL

  • Understand how to use the architecture and programming of the subconscious to beneficially impact your life & overall well-being

  • Learn how to make the subconscious more conscious

  • Curate your home, room by room, to align your space & subconscious with the life you want to experience

  • Unravel the cycle of Self Sabotage once and for all

  • Transform Survival Mode into an opportunity for accelerated thriving and personal transcendence

  • Recognize & Address the 8 Types of Obstacles & Life Clutter blocking you from what you want

  • Discover the Power of Your Home & how to tap into your innate ability to manifest

"How we feel in our space directly influences how we feel in our body & what  we think within our mind. 

Our job is to curate our home to communicate the messages we want to live by...& with."

~Kimberly Garner, Founder

Discover the Duality of Interior Design©

Did you know you can change your mindset by simply using the interior space of your home?

  • Self Design

    Clarify your values, desires & intentions to establish your self-designed internal program. Decode the outdated recordings, then set the new internal programs.

  • Neuroplasticity

    Understand the structure & operating system of the subconscious mind. Move beyond the obstacles with daily tools for mental retuning

  • Epigenetics

    Understand the language of home & how to make it work for you. Align the mind & the interior of your home with your intentions, desires & values.

Discover the Power of Home through NeuroSpatial Linguistics™

By the end of our transformational program, you'll clearly understand the cooperative power your subconscious mind and your home hold and you'll carry the know-how along with the tools for bringing about steady, meaningful and lasting desired change...from the inside out. ReMind & ReDesign is a leading edge, highly effective & practical method for self mastery utilizing the landscape of your mind and the canvas of home, with you and your desired outcomes central to the process...based in epigenetics, neuroscience & design.

  • Learn how your home impacts your life via the subconscious

  • Instigate change using the interior decor & layout of your home

  • Learn how to cultivate mental well-being, regardless of the circumstances life throws your way 

  • Reprogram the neural grooves set within the mind toward your desired outcome

  • Receive easy & effective life hacks for implementing real time resets, addressing & preventing mental hijacking    

  • Address the internal & external obstacles blocking your progress

Aligned Pricing

We've worked to create a pricing option for everyone. Please choose the option that best matches the integrity of your ability. Ask YourSelf, if this program will change my life in the ways I want, how much am I willing to invest in me?

What to Expect...

When You Join The ReMind & ReDesign 12-Week Program

  • What happens once I enroll?

    You'll receive an email welcome & receipt with a link outlining the details of our program.

  • What's the general feel of this program?

    I designed this program to feel like an intimate experience with engaging, inspiring & life-changing material. I have a "no fluff" policy, I only offer information I feel is effective and useful.

  • What will I take away from participating in the Mental Reset: ReMind & ReDesign Program?

    You'll receive key lessons each week which will be instrumental for resetting the internal programs of the mind while tuning your home, room by room, to engage the programs you need for re-minding and aligning your ideals.

  • What are three takeaways I can expect?

    1. We'll identify your focus and core values for 12 key areas of life. 2. You'll be able to address the internal & external obstacles blocking you from the life you want to enjoy. 3. You'll learn how to curate your home, room by room, & your subconscious with your desires & intentions...making space for peace of mind & personal flourishing.

  • Is this an interior design course?

    No. This course is all about YOU and what you WANT for your life. The program is based in epigenetics, neuroplasticity, desire and design. So much of the work is about curating your space to reflect, express and align with your deeper desires, intentions and values.

  • Will I need to spend money buying new furnishings and decor?

    Not at all. You may find yourself inspired to purchase items during the program, but most often we only use the items you already have in your home.

  • I need simple. Tell me specifically what I need to do.

    Once you enroll, everything you need will be presented on your student dashboard. This includes course material, discussion board & any additional resources.

Change the 95%

Did you know we have 50,000-75,000 thoughts every day? 95% of those thoughts occur in the subconscious mind.

Would you like a simple, effective method for changing the interfering mental recordings & thought patterns, especially in times of heightened stress, like survival mode? Join the 12 week mindset program for moving beyond the mental obstacles inhibiting our overall well-being. When we address the internal obstacles of the mind, we clear the way for moving toward the experiences we desire. One of the most critical factors to flourishing is our mental well-being. But here’s the thing, our mind is in an interconnected and symbiotic relationship with our physical environment. The environment of our home informs & impacts our mental patterns, hardwiring them through our habitual daily routines. So in order to move beyond the internal obstacles of the mind, it’s extremely beneficial to incorporate and work in unison with the space of our home.