Are You Ready To End The Self Sabotage Cycle?

Did you know the subconscious mind is the mechanism which keeps us stuck in cycles of self-sabotage? Yet the subconscious is one of our most incredible long as we understand how it operates AND how to utilize it effectively. Expect a transformative understanding & experience of your may never look at your life in the same way.

  • Learn what triggers self-sabotage

  • Discover the usual suspects behind self-sabotage

  • Understand the motivation of the subconscious

  • Decode the internal programs blocking your intentions

  • Identify the outdated programs & how to create new ones

  • Discern the Inner Voice from the inner chatter

  • Notice the signs of self-sabotage before it happens

  • Learn how to reprogram your subconscious & align it with your intentions

Moving beyond self sabotage...

when we are the biggest obstacle getting in our way.

What if the subconscious mind is the only thing holding us back from the life we want to experience? If we do not understand the structure & strategy of the subconscious, we are forever under its influence. When we desire change, we must be willing to address the obstacles blocking our progress. Self-sabotage is when WE are the obstacle! Once we identify the motivation & tactics the subconscious mind uses to thwart our good intentions & then learn key methods for implementing effective change, we move effortlessly closer to our desired experience! Welcome to the domain of the subconscious mind. Here we addresses the nature of change and uncovers why we block our own progress. Prepare to be wowed & equipped to tune the subtleties of the subconscious, while making the adjustments you need for moving closer to your ideal...whatever that may be.

Awareness leads to change. ~N. Wydra

By understanding the nature & architecture of the subconscious, we become more adept at navigating difficulty, survival mode & self-sabotage with greater skill & ease. When we intentionally incorporate the brilliance of the subconscious into our life (& home), we tap into an entirely new experience of being.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Self Sabotage! (1 minute)

    2. Why Do We Self Sabotage?! (2 minutes)

    3. Before we begin...

    4. Quick message from Kimberly (1 minute)

    1. Your Life+Design Wheel Workbook (PDF version)

    2. The Life + Design Wheel PDF (whenever you need a copy of the wheel)

    3. Homework: Why we want what we want & why it matters (3 minutes)

    4. The Wheel: Record Your Values Here

    5. Self Inquiry

    6. List of Personal Values & Example of Value Wheel Exercise

    1. The Subconscious Mind (5 minutes)

    2. The Subconscious vs. The Conscious (1 minute)

    3. Internal Algorithms: "If _______ , then_____." (2 minutes)

    4. Homework: Internal Algorithm & The Wheel

    5. Homework: Personal Truth & The Wheel

    1. Anatomy of Identity & The Self (9 minutes)

    2. Illustration of Identity & The Self (4 minutes)

    3. Our Loyal Soldier (3 minutes)

    4. Outdated Authority Figure & Other Sub-Personalities (9 minutes)

    1. The Anatomy of Change (15 minutes)

    1. Self Sabotage Looks Like... (20 minutes)

    2. Story Time (4 minutes)

    3. External Influences of Self Sabotage: An Inquiry (5 minutes)

    4. The Wheel & Self Sabotage

About this course

  • $360.00
  • 36 lessons

Make the Subconscious Conscious

& discover the potential your mind holds for your ideal life.

  • Neuroplasticity & Resetting the Program

    When we make the subconscious conscious, we exercise the elasticity of our mind by redirecting and redesigning the outdated belief system of the subconscious with our unique core values, desires & intentions.

  • Survival Mode & Self Sabotage

    When our primal needs (physiological, safety & security, love & belonging) feel at risk, uncertain or threatened, our subconscious mind steps up to the helm. Understanding the root cause behind self-sabotage helps us navigate life with greater ease, regardless of the challenges life delivers.

  • Re-Organise the Operating System

    The subconscious mind holds specific guiding principles which are key to decoding & reprogramming the internal chatter & mechanisms so it aligns with our intentions.

Integrity Pricing Model

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Integrity Pricing:

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