The Power of Home & the Subconscious Mind

by Kimberly Garner

The Power of Home & the Subconscious Mind Our home acts as the living vision board for our life. Just as a vision board captures our values and desires within key areas (vitality, abundance, relationship, romance, travel, fun, adventure, career, community, family and friends), each room in our home reflects and speaks to the same ideals. How we design, arrange and occupy our home creates a silent, yet visceral conversation between our home and our subconscious mind, influencing our thoughts, feelings and experience. This language makes our home fertile ground for empowering our desires. When we curate each room with focused awareness, we tap into the power home holds for our life, setting the stage for the physical, mental and emotional experience we envision. We literally seed our life by seeding our intentions within our space. Ask Yourself… How does my kitchen speak to my vitality and abundance? How does my living room speak to my relationships with family, friends and loved ones? How does my living room reflect my life’s mission statement? How does my bedroom speak to my intimate relationships and self love? How does my bathroom reflect my self care and self talk? How does my entry support my life out in the world? Routine + Intention = Ritual Because many of our routines and habits become embedded within the landscape of home, our space offers an opportunity to infuse the seemingly mundane with our intentions. When we place an intention within a routine we create ritual, weaving inspired action to our daily life. Over time, these seemingly small acts shift the fabric of our life. Make Your Home Your Living Vision Board: 1. Identify what you desire in key areas of your life. 2. Remove the items from your space which do not support your intentions or bring up counterproductive memories, thoughts or feelings. 3. Align your home with the intentions for your life. Entry: Welcome yourself home. Create an entry which supports coming and going, cater to your lifestyle needs. Take off your shoes! Don’t bring the physical and energetic debris from the outer world into your inner sanctuary. What’s the first thing you see upon entering? Make it speak your values, intentions and desires. What we experience as we step into our home sets the stage for our experience and informs the moments which follow. Living Room: Relax & Gather Your living room is the centerpiece of your home. Is the room inviting? Does this room cradle you and your most cherished relationships? Does this room communicate what you love about life? Does it communicate your deeper desires and the dreams you’re moving toward? Kitchen: Vitality & Abundance Food is our primal symbol of abundance and sustenance. Does your kitchen accurately reflect your values around abundance and vitality? Does your kitchen support your intentions for abundance, radiance and vitality? Bedroom: Self Love & Intimacy Our bedroom reflects how well we self love and love another. It also courts the space between sleeping and waking, the space where our dreams come to life, making our bedroom prime real estate for working with the subconscious mind. The subconscious is most malleable upon sleeping and waking. What we think as we drift to sleep and as we begin awakening offers one of the most important windows for supercharging our intentions. As you drift to sleep, think about the beautiful life you’re living and creating. Try to catch yourself as you wake and plant juicy, feel good thoughts into the moments prior to starting your day. Bathroom: Self Care & Self Honesty Create a spa-like atmosphere for yourself & make this room sacrosanct. Love yourself up in the bathroom & allow zero room for unkind self talk. We are most vulnerable, self honest & self critical in the bathroom. Each morning, look in the mirror into your own eyes & tell yourself aloud, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”. The bathroom is the most personal and vulnerable room in our home. Be kind to you, unconditional self love grows here. Bring the intentions for your life home & see what unfolds.