Home as Our 3D Living Vision Board

a blog by Kimberly Garner

Think of your home as a 3D vision board! Have you ever created a vision board?* If so, you know how powerful it can be to clearly define and proclaim who you are and what you want from life in a two-dimensional form. Guess what? Your home is your three-dimensional living vision board. What you display around and about your home is expressing to your subconscious on a daily basis who you are and what you’re attracting into your life. This is powerful juju and can be extremely exciting or daunting, right? If you live in a home you truly love, you are well on your way to being supported in the intentional unfolding of your ideal life. However, If you’re overwhelmed by the clutter and the “stuff” you manage on a daily or weekly basis, or if you dislike your furniture, artwork or layout, your home is negatively impacting some part of your life. Either way, your home is presenting an incredible opportunity for you and your life. This is the fun part! If you want to… Lose weight or improve your vitality, start in your kitchen. Attract or improve your intimate relationship, head to your bedroom. Love your self better, your bathroom is waiting. Create a deeper level of connection with friends and family, your living room will guide the way. Your home speaks a language and it’s been communicating with you since always. Home communicates on two levels, the universal language of home and the personal language of home, relating to your story, your personal experience. Holistic+Design weaves these two languages through a process which helps you optimize your home and enhance your life. Whether it’s creating a space with less clutter to function more optimally or curating a space to reflect who you are and what you want to grow more of in your life, Holistic+Design will empower and inspire your life via the platform or the “vision board” of your home. When your home is aligned with who you are and how you desire to live, dwell-being happens – you flourish and thrive. *A vision board is a collage of magazine images and words which resonate with you and what you want more of in your life. The images are arranged and glued on a board and used as a visual reminder as to what we’re intending for our life. It’s a really fun exercise and as you grow and change, your vision board will change. If you’ve never created a vision board, I suggest you try it. Kimberly Garner, design curator, researcher and mystic, has developed NSL Holistic+Design and the School of Holistic Design® in order to share her passion for home. Her studies have lead her to the simple fact that our home is an essential part of our well-being.Let her show you how to turn your shelter into your sanctuary.