Is your home evolving with you?

by Kimberly Garner

We all live in a mollusk shell. Not just any mollusk. I’m referring to the nautilus, specifically, the nautilus and its shell. This little creature carries a beautiful metaphor for the evolution of your soul as mirrored in the landscape of your “home”. The nautilus lives her entire life within the same shell, yet she occupies only a single chamber within the shell at a time. As the nautilus develops, her needs expand. The existing space no longer supports her development, so the creature seals the previous space to build a more expansive chamber to fit her current form in a better way. As you evolve, your life changes. Your expression and needs similarly expand. You outgrow the old versions of yourself and your space in turn evolves with you. Your Home is Your Mirror Like the nautilus, we change the environment of our home to better suit the needs of our life, our spirt, and our soul. Mostly this is intuitive and comes naturally. You likely aren’t living in the same expression of home as you were 10 years ago, 20 years ago. As you evolve, how you display your belongings shifts with you. Have you ever been to someone’s home whose life just hasn’t changed much in years or even decades. It’s highly probable their home hasn’t changed much as well. There’s no judgment here. This is stable and predictable. The point being, your home holds enormous potential for creating and supporting your life. If change is what you seek (in any area of your life) your home is a great place to start. Home as an Architect for Change Your home displays the result of your personal changing world AND home can be the catalyst for the change you want to create. A home created with the wisdom of Holistic ID becomes a dynamic force and ally in helping you achieve the change you desire. Like the nautilus, you will intuitively know when it is time to shift your space to better suit your needs and desires. In a symbiotic relationship, your home informs you and you get to inform your life. This process is ongoing as you grow and your world (inner and outer) expands again and again. I’m happy we’re on this journey together. Kimberly Garner, design curator, researcher and mystic, has developed Holistic ID to share her passion for home. Her studies have lead her to the simple fact that our home is an essential part of our well-being. Let her show you how to turn your shelter into your sanctuary. Begin now at