Home as the Temple for Our Life

by Kimberly Garner

May 08, 2019 Temple: a place devoted to a special purpose. If the body is the temple for your soul, your home is the temple for your life. Imagine your home as the physical representation of your body; the roof is your head, the foundation your feet, the walls your skeletal system, the windows your eyes, the rooms your organs and your front door the mouth. Imagine your furnishings and decor represent how you nourish that “body,” your life. The colors, the sounds, the temperature, the proportion and proximity of the furnishings. Every item in your home reflects and affects how your home nourishes and feeds your life. This a basic tenet of Dwellosophy. Take a moment to consider how consuming junk food, sweets, coffee, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and environmental toxins affects you. Consider the long-term habitual use of these items and the toll they’d eventually take on your quality of life, vitality, sense of self, and relationships. Now take a moment to consider how a healthy lifestyle would impact your vitality and relationships. Imagining eating a nutritious whole foods diet while integrating whatever form of fitness you love into your daily life. Imagine these aspects feeding your experience of life. Consider your home as an extension of your body. Is your home filled with items or aspects that feed your spirit? Or do certain items rob you of your vitality? Take a moment to sit in each room of your home. Do you like the room? Do the items feel good? Or do certain items drain you? Take a mental inventory of the items which fill you up and those that deplete you. Then take steps to remove the items in your home which don’t serve you or the version of yourself you want to create. Home serves as one of the most significant relationships in our lives, but until now has been mostly ignored. The most amazing thing about home…by in large, society has yet to capitalize on the potential home holds for proactively shifting our lives…that is, until now. : ) Home offers us a simple solution to actively shift our lives. If you desire change, your home is a fantastic place to start! The two easiest things you can do to change your life for the better: Only consume things which nourish your body and vitality. Only allow things in your home which nourish your spirit and your life; remove every item in your home you do not love or use. Love your Temple and Live your Dwell-Being.