The Power of Desire

by Kimberly Garner

Behind all of our dreams and motivations lives a desire to FEEL GOOD. Each of us carries within us a built in navigation system called, our feelings. Our desire navigates by capturing our attention with whispers of “go this way”. Our desire acts as our internal guide, pointing our shoulders in the direction of our dreams, encouraging the life we were born to experience. Consider desire the voice of your innermost self communicating with you what needs expression and longs experience. We are wired to follow our desire. Desire is physical. When we want something, we feel it within every cell of our being. The first moments of reunion with a lover or the first taste of a flavor infused dish when famished captures the cellular experience of satisfied desire. Desire is one of our primal survival mechanisms AND a tool toward self actualization. We cannot thrive, let alone survive, without it. Desire helps keep us alive by informing us of our needs. Acknowledging and following desire is necessary for our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual survival. Desire breathes oxygen into the vitality and passion of being. The stirring within us for something new, something different, something beyond the status quo or predictable is life beckoning us along our personal unfolding and our cue something new is coming to form within us, we’re evolving. Once we satisfy certain life experience, our inner longing reveals the next step along our adventure. The more we follow our desire, the further we evolve. Our job is to discern between the longing of the insatiable ego and the intrinsic longing of our soul. One feeds the insecurities of the egoic self, the other nourishes the depths of being human. The farther we feel (consciously or subconsciously) from what we desire, the more discomfort we experience in our day to day life. The more aligned we live with what we deeply desire, the more connected we feel to our true north. When we doubt, deny or discredit our desire we abandon ourself. By doing so, we diminish the life force within us. Life gifts us when we listen to and follow the whisper within. Our desire guides us along the path of our personal evolution…to deny it is to deny ourself the exhilaration of feeling ALIVE. The fact we experience a desire is proof positive it is within reach and meant for us, whatever “it” is. Do not: deny yourself of what you desire diminish your dreams because you think they are out of reach or because you don’t yet know how to make them a reality discount your desires, for they are the harbinger of all good things to come ignore your desires, they’re showing up for a very good reason, YOU. Taking our desire seriously might be the most important thing we do for our self. Our desire offers us our inner map, so trust the timing of desire in your life. Desire delivers… When we allow the juiciness of our inner desire, a magic begins to dance in our life. When we court our desire, more and more becomes revealed to us about ourself and life. When we allow the wisdom of desire to guide us, we evolve into the person we were born to become. When we allow the birthright of our desire, we resuscitate the enthusiasm for life we felt as children. When we honor its presence and nurture its glimmer, we fan the spark until there’s no external force capable of extinguishing our inner light. When we follow the path of our inner desire, we make the world a better place for others Our desires reflect our values, when we curate a life focused around our desire, we become the life we love. Be more self-ish, allow yourself the freedom to follow your desire Align your thoughts, words and choices with your desires Follow what makes you feel so incredible there’s no denying it’s meant for you Get in the habit of asking, “What do I want and what am I willing to do about it?” Make space for more of what you want.