The Life + Design Method

  • Identify

    What do you want? How can we attain what we want if we don't know what "that" is? We're exponentially more likely to achieve our intentions once we identify (in visceral terms) what we desire. This is the beginning of every adventure!

  • Address

    Once we identify what we want, we address the obstacles getting in our way. We must look at both the internal obstacles held within our mind & the external obstacles in our life & home.

  • Align

    When our mind & our home communicate our intentions, values & desires, our life is set on a trajectory of our choosing...we know where we're going, we've cleared the obstacles & our internal & external environments support our vision. Forward Ho!

The Power of Home & The Subconscious Mind

(You + Your Home + Your Desire)

"You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective . . . Are the things around you helping you toward success...or are they holding you back?" W.Clement Stone

Pricing: A New Model of Exchange

We believe the global method of exchange needs fine-tuning to more equitably match individual ability. Please consider the price tier which best suits your ability & value for the shared integrity of exchange. Our philanthropy option offers scholarship funds to individuals from all over the globe. Together we can bring about meaningful change.


  • Is this a live course or self guided?

    This course was designed for you to go at your own pace. The material is potent, so allowing the information to soak in versus moving quickly through the material is recommended.

  • How is the 10 day pass different from the other price options?

    The 10 day pass offers a balance between moving through the chapters daily & at a the lowest price point. I recommend one chapter per day or every other day. Once you begin the course, you'll have ten days to complete.

  • Please tell me about the "Philanthropy" price option.

    Philanthropy allows you full access to the course while extending scholarship funds to those interested in the course, yet not able to access the other price options.