"Until you make the unconscious conscious, 

it will direct your life & you will call it fate."

~Carl Jung 

You are Your Own Guru

All the wisdom you need you carry within, it's just a matter of remembering... & making space for what wants to shine through.

Our home offers a map guiding us to the life we most desire, showing us where we're struggling & how to evolve beyond the obstacles along our unique heroic adventure.

What to Expect...

when you join the Coming to Consciousness membership

  • Is this membership live and guided with Kimberly?

    Yes! Kimberly's sole focus is sharing the inspirations she receives between writing & solo time in Nature so we all evolve beyond...together.

  • What happens once I enroll?

    You'll receive instant access to her membership community and weekly calls and engagement

  • What's the general feel of this program?

    I designed this community to feel like an intimate space with engaging, inspiring & life-changing material. I have a "no fluff" policy, I only offer information I feel is effective and useful.

  • What will I take away from participating in the membership

    You'll receive weekly contemplations and self guided exercises, as well as group conversations with Kimberly

  • What are three takeaways I can expect?

    1. Be on the leading edge of higher consciousness 2. Learn the interconnected relationship between science, self & soul 3. Become part of a community of likeminded souls from around the planet

Are you looking for a more meaningful & connected way of being?

  • Is the constant grip of your mind making peace of mind challenging or impossible?

  • Is your mindset and thought process keeping you from enjoying the life you want? 

  • Are you ready for your inner landscape to support you in new & profound ways?

  • Are you consistently getting stuck in uncomfortable thought patterns & overly focused on what you don’t want?

  • Are you tired of sabotaging your own intentions?

Inner Circle (Coming Soon)

The Mentorship Program

  • Learn how your home impacts your life via the subconscious

  • Instigate change using the interior decor & layout of your home

  • Learn how to cultivate mental well-being, regardless of the circumstances life throws your way 

  • Reprogram the neural grooves set within the mind toward your desired outcome

  • Receive easy & effective life hacks for implementing real time resets, addressing & preventing mental hijacking    

  • Address the internal & external obstacles blocking your progress

  • Understand the cooperative power your subconscious mind and your home hold

  • Carry the know-how along with the tools for bringing about steady, meaningful and lasting desired change...from the inside out.

  • Acquire a leading edge, highly effective & practical method for self mastery utilizing the landscape of your mind and the canvas of home

The Inner Circle Mentorship Program


  • Learn how epigenetics, neuroplasticity, desire & design offer a portal for personal evolving

  • Curate your home to align your subconscious with your intentions, desires & values

  • Learn how to translate the language of home

  • Learn how to redirect the chatter of your mind by enlisting the interior space of your subconscious AND your home

  • Recognize & address the 8 types of obstacles & life clutter blocking us from our intentions

  • Unravel the self sabotage cycle once and for all

  • Decode & reprogram the outdated algorithms of the subconscious

  • Make the subconscious conscious

  • Use survival mode as an opportunity for accelerating thriving & personal transcendence

  • Tune your home to engage & encourage your "ideal" life