Mind + Environment = Desired Outcomes

Adapt your space to encourage the experiences & outcomes YOU desire

  • Our Two Homes

    Our home keeps us safe, supports our lifestyle & physical well-being. Our "inner" home, our mind, is our ultimate residence & our overall quality of life depends on this inner landscape.

  • The Language of Home

    Our home & mind communicate a common language. We are under the influence of whatever they communicate, whether we realise it or not.

  • The Mind in Design

    Our job is to make certain the environment of our home supports, encourages and even accelerates the life we want to experience & enjoy.

Curating Desired Outcomes

We approach change with an understanding of the influence our environment holds over our life, optimizing home to curate beneficial outcomes.

Our mind is in an interconnected and symbiotic relationship with our physical environment, making our home a fertile opportunity for shifting our thoughts into alignment with our desires, values and intentions.

The Life + Design Method

A formula for manifesting based in Science + Soul

  • Desire: Identify What You Want

    How can we attain what we want if we don't know what "that" is? We're exponentially more likely to achieve our intentions once we identify (in visceral terms) what we desire. This is the beginning of every adventure!

  • Address the Obstacles

    Once we identify what we want, we address the obstacles getting in our way. We must look at both the internal obstacles held within our mind & the external obstacles in our life & home.

  • Align Accordingly

    When our mind & our home communicate our intentions, values & desires, our life is set on a trajectory of our choosing...we know where we're going, we've cleared the obstacles & our internal & external environments support our vision. Forward Ho!

Change the 95%

Did you know we have 50,000-75,000 thoughts every day? 95% of those thoughts occur in the subconscious mind.

Would you like a simple, effective method for changing the interfering mental recordings & thought patterns, especially in times of heightened stress, like survival mode? The NSL Life+Design Method™ shows how to move beyond the mental obstacles inhibiting our overall well-being. When we address the internal obstacles of the mind, we clear the way for moving toward the experiences we desire. One of the most critical factors to flourishing is our mental well-being. But here’s the thing, our mind is in an interconnected and symbiotic relationship with our physical environment. The environment of our home informs & impacts our mental patterns, hardwiring them through our habitual daily routines. So in order to move beyond the internal obstacles of the mind, it’s extremely beneficial to incorporate and work in unison with the space of our home.

The Architecture of Change

Did you know we can shift our life by simply adapting the interior space of our home?

  • Self Design

    Clarify your values, desires & intentions to establish your self-designed internal program. Decode the outdated recordings, then set the new internal programs.

  • Neuroplasticity

    Understand the structure & operating system of the subconscious mind. Move beyond the obstacles with daily tools for mental retuning

  • Epigenetics

    Understand the language of home & how to make it work for you. Align the mind & the interior of your home with your intentions, desires & values.

Founder & Instructors

Founder Kimberly Garner

Kimberly Garner is the founder of School of Holistic Design® and pioneer of NeuroSpatial Linguistics, a results-oriented and integrative approach to design and human flourishing based in epigenetics, neuroplasticity and higher consciousness. Kimberly's spent over 25 years studying, researching and practicing the intersection of design, science and the soul. Inspired by the complementary fields of epigenetics, neuroscience, behavioral science, positive psychology, life coaching, human ecology and design she created the School of Holistic Design and the Life+Design Method.

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